For files and cutting tools, go to TSUBOSAN FILE CO., Ltd

Since the foundation 1928, TSUBOSAN has continued supplying the edge tools which were representative of "steel files". The steel file is one kind of hand tool.

To shave off and to modify the material objects by steel files make you a creative person with the human own sensitivity.That is also the spirit of the person from TSUBOSAN who is continue making files. Recently, material (work-piece) has been varied in covering wide field.
TSUBOSAN acquired the attestation of the international quality control and guarantee standard "ISO9001" by Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA).

In future, for the thema of "Learn fruitfully, play vigorously.", we continue to make the steel files excellent in durability and abrasion resistance to be developed and manufactured, and to make efforts to the further improvement in quality, and the improvement in su


Company name TSUBOSAN FILE CO., Ltd
Location Nigata-Sanbashidori, Kure City, Hiroshima, #737-0154 JAPAN
Phone +81-823-79-5121
FAX +81-823-79-6819
Capital 78,000,000 yen
President & CEO Miri Kajiyama
No. of Employees 81 persons
Established in 1928
Main Office Tokyo Office
Osaka Office
Shanghai Office
Corespondent Banks The IYO BANK Ltd., Kure Branch, Japan
The KURE SHINKIN BANK Ltd., Hirohigashi Branch, Japan
The HIROSHIMA BANK Ltd., Kure Branch,Japan